Why SimpleClinic?

“SimpleClinic was created because I needed a single platform that allowed me to streamline my workflow and provide a single view point of my patients history that allowed me to practice from anywhere, anytime!”

Hi! I'm Marianne, a qualified and experienced Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, and co-founder of SimpleClinic.

marianne fernance founder simpleclinic practice management for naturopatsWhen I first started my own natural medicine clinic in 2009, I was using many different systems to try to achieve an efficient and proactive workflow. But it wasn’t working! I found myself double-handing, something I really didn’t like doing, nor had time for! Time spent managing my business meant less time helping my patients, and I wanted to help more people to live healthy and vibrant lives.

I needed a system to support my practice. One that was efficient, easy to use, and would also allow me the work/life balance I wanted! I looked around and trialled many practice management systems, but none fit my requirements, nor had the workflow I needed in my practice. Those that came close, often had gaps and didn't support the unique needs and challenges of a naturopathic clinic.

Fortunately, my hubby is an IT specialist and software developer, so I put him to work! I suggested he create a practice management software that was purely focussed on the requirements of a simple and efficient naturopathic clinic in one application as well as being flexible and easy to use.

I started using SimpleClinic in my practice in 2010 and it was a dream! I was so much more efficient in my practice. It freed up much more of my time so I could see more patients! Using SimpleClinic benefited me, my patients, my income, and my life!

Soon enough, other practitioners started asking me about SimpleClinic, so I showed them how it worked, and then they wanted it too! As a result, we decided to make SimpleClinic available to other naturopaths, nutritionists, and herbal medicine practitioners throughout Australia and New Zealand.

The goal of SimpleClinic was to create a complete, integrated practice management system which covered all aspects of a natural medicine clinic, including:

  • Being very easy to use and improving efficiency.
  • Having a logical workflow through the consultation process from start to finish.
  • Allowing in-clinic and online bookings.
  • Recording of clinical notes and treatment plans.
  • Handling of prescriptions, and recording of payments and invoicing.
  • Management of inventory (nutritional and herbal supplements and liquids).
  • Reporting and marketing integrations.
  • Allowing you to create packages and subscriptions for your programs and services.
  • Allowing you to manage your workshops and events including registration and payment all in the one application.
  • Allowing you to practice from multiple different locations.
  • Making all sections of the system customisable to each clinic!

Why is SimpleClinic different to other practice management systems:

  • Was designed in Australia specifically for naturopaths, nutritionists, and herbalists.
  • Is highly customisable and scalable so you can make it fit your business operations, rather than having to change your operations to fit the software.
  • It flows seamlessly through the entire patient management and consultation process, to minimise duplication, data entry and saving you time.
  • Is accessible anywhere, being a secure cloud-based platform, from your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Is continually innovating, developing and collaborating with our Industry leaders.

The benefits of using SimpleClinic are many. Why invest in SimpleClinic?

  • SimpleClinic integrates with external services such as Xero for accounting, EziDebit and Stripe for payment gateways, external calendars (iCloud, Gmail etc), Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign for email marketing, Metagenics and Ariya Health for supplying products direct to clients, and more are coming!
  • SimpleClinic has a dedicated and fulltime development team adding new features regularly.
  • SimpleClinic has a very responsive support team for answering questions and providing support.
  • SimpleClinic will make your clinical practice simpler, quicker and more efficient!
  • No lock in contracts, pay month by month.
  • All data is secure in Australia.
  • Built and supported by industry experienced practitioners.
  • Existing clinic data from other systems can be exported and then imported into SimpleClinic.

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