How to create a recurring appointment

By Team SimpleClinic | September 19, 2017

Do you have patients that you treat regularly? or perhaps patients that are coming to see you as part of a weight loss group or detox program? SimpleClinic now allows you to create recurring events for these patients rather than having to create each event individually.  This short guide will explain how to setup recurring…

What do do about failed automated payments?

By Team SimpleClinic | September 19, 2017

SimpleClinic supports automated recurring invoices and can optionally support automatic payment of recurring invoices.  To support automated payment of recurring invoices requires the clinic have an account with EziDebit. You can contact support for more information about creating an EziDebit account. This knowledge base article explains what to do when automated payments fail. [pms-restrict] SimpleClinic…

How to create vouchers for a client

By Team SimpleClinic | September 19, 2017

Vouchers provide an alternative funding source for a patient when making payments.  You may choose to give patient’s vouchers for any reason (as a reward or thank you or when the client purchases in gift vouchers in clinic).  Regardless of the reason for giving the client a voucher the process for using and redeeming vouchers…