What is Our Express Startup Service?

What is Our Express Startup Service?

What is Our Express Startup Service?

In addition to our monthly platform fee we charge a once off Express Startup Service fee when you first enrol in SimpleClinic.

In our own personal experience one of the biggest frustrations when starting with a new system is not knowing exactly how to set the system up to have it work exactly the way you want. The account setup can also be very time consuming for you to do. We take care of that for you, so you can continue to do what you do best in your clinic, so you can get running with SimpleClinic quicker!

We want your experience with SimpleClinic to be Simple! Our Express Startup Service ensures your account is setup correctly right from day one.

Our Express Startup Service ensures that your account is setup properly and ready for you to be productive right from day one and utilising all the features of SimpleClinic. It includes:

  • Creating and customising your booking emails and reminder emails, your booking and reminder SMS messages
  • Creation of all your stock inventory items
  • Creation of all your services
  • Configuration of your diary
  • Setup of all practitioner details
  • Import of existing clients and their details
  • Documentation and video tutorials
  • and much more…

More importantly, our Express Startup Service also includes a one on one post setup review with one of the team. This helps us to ensure you are comfortable creating an invoice, a diary appointment, treatment notes and prescription, using your real imported data!

The Express Startup Service is currently free on the Lite Tier. For clinics on the Standard Tier it is $250 and for Premium Tier it is $395.

You are welcome to email us at info@simpleclinic.net if you have further questions.

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