Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about SimpleClinic.
If you have further queries, please feel free to request the demo video here OR you can let us know through our contact form and we’ll get right back to you!
Can I create prescriptions with SimpleClinic?
Yes, you most certainly can create prescriptions and lifestyle recommendations. You can build these prescriptions from scratch or easily create your own favourites library. Create custom content snippets to help you build a prescription quickly and easily.
Can I generate reports with SimpleClinic?
Yes, you can customize business reporting including sales reports and back order reporting, reporting of patients running out of supplements and the list goes on!
Can SimpleClinic integrate my invoices with Xero?
You can send your invoices to Xero through SimpleClinic. You can also bulk send invoices directly from your sales report.
Can my patients pay online?
SimpleClinic integrates with EziDebit and Stripe so that your clients can pay online, you are able to send your invoice to Xero which generates a unique URL for the client to access their invoice, you are able to see from the invoice details in SimpleClinic when they have paid.
How can I track when people book online?
When a client books online regardless of them being an initial, follow up etc. you will get notified of your latest booking and you will also be able to track it from the “latest bookings” screen that is found in the SimpleClinic platform.
Can I integrate online booking with Facebook and my website?
You sure can! Our support team will help you with this process by generating a unique URL so that you can copy this into the back end of your Facebook Admin account and your website, during the set-up process – please inform our support team that you would like to integrate online booking. Your availability and services are loaded directly from SimpleClinic to view in the online booking screen and these can easily be adjusted by you if they change in the future.
Do I have to have a website to do online booking?
No, you can integrate from Facebook only if you would like or use the unique booking URL provided by the SimpleClinic platform.
Do I have to manually send out the emails when clients book online?
This is all included in your set-up process, where our support team will create and customise your booking emails and reminder emails as well as the SMS’ so that your account is set up properly from day one. From there, automations will happen quite literally at the click of a button when clients book online!
Can I differentiate which emails get sent to which client when they have booked in? I.e. Initial Consult email will be different to a follow up email.
You sure can, this was briefly discussed in our previous FAQ where during the set-up process our support team will create and customise that content.
Can I integrate herbal formulas?
You can build and track herbal formulas on your prescriptions and invoices, as well as capture expiry and batch number information.
Can I put my logo on my forms i.e. client notes, emails, questionnaires etc.?
During the set-up process our support team will upload your logo which will appear on forms, prescriptions, and invoices. You can also add your logo to your booking and reminder emails using the editor.
Can I create templates for my consults so it’s all digital?
Yes. You can create custom fields that will allow you to customise the prescription and the treatment note layouts to totally suit your consultation processes and workflow.
Can I integrate with an online dispensary?
Invoicing and prescribing can be integrated with Ariya to allow practitioners who don’t want to carry stock to drop ship directly to their patients.
How do I bring across my client information from one practice management software to SimpleClinic?
It depends on the practice management software they are coming from. Most software’s will allow you to create a CSV or Excel file format of patient contact details these are imported as part of our setup fee (See FAQ – What is included in our Express Startup Service?). A file with what data our support team needs to bring across your client information can be provided on request.
Do I have to download software?
No, SimpleClinic is cloud based (runs from a web browser) so you can record patient treatment notes during your consultation, make appointments, view your diary, upload files, view client files etc and access them from anywhere and on any device!
Do patients get reminders about their appointments?
Yes, during the set-up process our support team will create and customise your preferred SMS and email content.
Can patients reply to an automated SMS?
Your account automatically comes with 1-way SMS, you can upgrade your account to 2-way SMS for $8.50 per month where replies will be sent to a dedicated mobile number when sent from the system, regardless of them being manual SMS’ or reminder SMS’.
What if I have more than one practitioner in my clinic?

You can manage multi practitioner diaries from one view, being able to separate them by colour. A legend for the diary will always be in plain view from the Diary screen in SimpleClinic. Client file permissions can also be discussed further by contacting our support team via

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, pricing is month by month with no ongoing commitment. However, one month’s notice is required to cancel subscription.

If I end my agreement with SimpleClinic, are there any fees or notice periods required?

Yes, one month’s notice is required to cancel your subscription. Once your current billing period expires your account will be de-activated. An export of your data will be provided within 5 business days.

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